What is involved in Starting a new Business?

We can advice on the following areas:

  • Structure of the business : Limited Company, Sole Trader or Partnership
  • Do I buy, rent, or lease premises? Does it need Planning Permission?
  • Are there any Environmental Regulations that I need to consider before I start?
  • Are there any Government Agencies which will give assistance or advice?
  • Are there Incubator Units available at subsidised rents for new business start-ups?
  • What do I need to do about Tax such as VAT,  PAYE,  PRSI etc?
  • What type of insurances do I need?
  • How do I retain title in my goods until I have been paid?
  • How do I ensure payment for goods supplied even with retention of title?
  • How can I chase outstanding debts?
  • How to I negotiate the terms and conditions of a lease?
  • What are my obligations to any employees that I may have?
  • What are my employees rights and entitlements?
  • Should I register a trade name if I have a new invention?  Can I register it as a patent or a trade mark?
  • What is “Passing-Off” and how do I protect my Intellectual Property in my goods?
  • How do I secure my relationship with my co-investors?
  • How do I agree the terms and conditions of a Shareholders Agreement or Partnership Agreement?
  • What happens to my business if my co-investor dies?

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