Family Law

Are you experiencing difficulties in your marriage or with your partner? We advise and help people who are experiencing relationship difficulties. Sometimes with the help of counselling and advice these marital or relationship difficulties can be overcome. If however there are irreconcilable differences in the relationship, whether it is a marriage or a cohabiting relationship, then the best outcome that can be achieved is a negotiated and orderly Separation and or Divorce.

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Family Law Considerations

Many factors must be considered and agreed:


Where there is a Dependant Spouse, Partner and or children the issue of Maintenance and Support must be dealt with,


Where a couple are separating and there are Children, then the issue of Custody of, Access to, and Guardianship of the children must be addressed and dealt with,

Family Home

What will happen to the family home? Should it be given to one or other Spouse or Partner? Will it have to be sold? Who will pay the Mortgage? How will the proceeds of sale of the Family Home be divided?
Matrimonial Property: how will this property be divided?
We have vast experience in the area of Family Law and can advise and guide you through this very difficult and emotional time. It may be possible to achieve a settlement through negotiation or mediation or other forms of Dispute Resolution. Alternative methods of Dispute Resolution include:


Arbitration is an alternative form of dispute resolution and can be a less costly and a quicker way of achieving a resolution to a dispute. Many legal agreements such as Leases, Contracts of Employment, Building Contracts, Car Sale Agreements, state, that in the event of a dispute arising over the subject matter of the agreement, the matter shall be referred to Arbitration and will name the person who is to nominate the Arbitrator.   Similarly the parties to a Family Law Dispute can agree to have a suitable Arbitrator appointed to deal with their case.   The Arbitrator will, like a Judge, be independent of all parties, and will hear all of the evidence of any witnesses, and consider all other evidence, before reaching a determination which is binding on both parties

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