Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a written document given by a person [called The Donor] to another  person [called The Attorney] authorising the Attorney to take the action or actions as set out in the Power of Attorney in the name of the Donor. A Power of Attorney is generally given for a single act, such as signing a document in the absence of the Donor who might be on holiday, or for a specific purpose such as accessing a bank account to make a specific payment such as a hospital bill or nursing home fees. A power of attorney is cancelled when the purpose for which it was set up is complete. A power of attorney becomes invalid if the Donor becomes mentally unfit or unable to look after their affairs through illness or otherwise. If you are considering creating a Power of Attorney or are being asked to give a Power of Attorney in someone’s favour for any purpose, it is imperative that you are properly advised before doing so. We at Steen O Reilly will advise you on a confidential basis.

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Enduring Power of Attorney

Imagine becoming incapable of managing your own affairs, or your future well-being and care? Here, we explain how you can now nominate someone of your own choosing who, should circumstances arise in the future, where it becomes necessary, will be given charge by you of looking after your affairs and welfare.

An Enduring Power of Attorney is completely different to a standard Power of Attorney.

The Enduring Power of Attorney was introduced by The Powers of Attorney Act 1996 and is also referred to as a Living Will and also as an EPA. If you wish to make decisions now, while in full health, about how you want to be looked after in later life, if and when you lose the mental capacity to look after your own affairs, and you wish to nominate a person or persons who you wish to look after your affairs and welfare at that time then you should create An Enduring Power of Attorney. An Enduring Power of Attorney will contain a number of layers of protection for you if you later become incapable of managing your affairs. You will decide on the identity of the people who will become those layers of protection. They will include family members, friends, your GP, and your Solicitor.

We at Steen O Reilly have created many Enduring Powers of Attorney for clients. If you would like to discuss the creation of an Enduring Power of Attorney for yourself please contact us at Steen O Reilly where we will advise you on a confidential basis.

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