Landlord & Tenant

We at Steen O’Reilly act for both Landlords and Tenants regarding all aspects of Leasing or Renting of all types of Property, including Commercial Properties, Residential Properties, Offices, Hotels, Factories and Farm Land.    We advise in relation to the drafting and negotiation of the terms of new Leases on behalf of either Landlords or Tenants. If you are considering investing in a new business which will be run on a premises which is already leased, we can advise you on the terms and conditions that you will be obliged to comply with in relation to the running of your business on that premises.
If a Tenant has been in occupation of commercial premises for a minimum of five years, they may be entitled to what is called “Business Equity Relief” which means an entitlement to a new Lease, even if the term of the original Lease has expired.   The terms and conditions of many Leases are extremely complicated. It is important that, if you are being asked to enter into a Lease arrangement, you obtain our advice so that you can have a clear grasp and understanding of your obligations to your Landlord. If you are the Landlord we can ensure that your interest is adequately and comprehensively protected under the Terms and Conditions of the Lease.   We advise in all aspects of Landlord and Tenant Legislation, including;

  1. Statutory rights to renew commercial leases under existing Landlord & Tenant Legislation.
  2. Statutory rights for compensation for improvements and disturbance.
  3. The rights to assign or transfer the Lease to a third party.
  4. The Tenant’s obligations to repair and renew the premises and the Landlord’s right to prepare a Schedule of Dilapidations.
  5. The investigation of the Landlord’s title to grant the Lease.
  6. Advice in relation to VAT on the rent.
  7. Advice in relation to negotiating the rent, rent review and break-clauses.

If you propose to take a Lease of new Commercial Premises, we can carry out the necessary enquiries regarding Investigation of Title, Services, Easements, Rights of way and Planning Matters.   We can ensure that the proposed Lease contains the appropriate Rent Review provisions.  If it is a new property, we can advise you in relation to Collateral Warranties to be obtained from the professional team involved in the construction and design of the premises. Before committing yourself to a binding agreement in this area we strongly advise you to consult with us.

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